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The following content will be deleted without permission

We will also submit it to the police if necessary.

  • Non-consensual nudity, sexual images
  • Child pornography, nudity of children except in the following cases:
    • Historically necessary items
    • Educational necessities

In addition, non-consensual nudity and child pornography include images and videos, as well as text data such as URLs. This includes information for accessing images and videos.

  • Images and videos containing animal abuse, no more
  • Personal information without consent
  • Posts that call for sexual activity with minors or that aim to encourage sexual activity with minors.
  • Calls for violence and attacks, with the following exceptions:
    • Pranks between friends
    • Posts that are not specific and have low feasibility
  • spam
    • Writing the URL of a site that is not a general site
    • Irrelevant posts

Posts that are restricted to be hidden or difficult to display

  • Although it is not child pornography, it is data that attacks the limit, such as images of minors in swimsuits.
  • Posts that promote mass food waste, etc. Exceptions include the following:
    • Video of mass food waste as evidence for whistleblowing, etc.
    • Mass food waste video for public health management etc.

It's not a rule, but I want you to know

  • We may be obligated to respond to warrants, etc., and may disclose information as necessary.
  • We allow hateful content, but that doesn't mean we accept it.