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Algot Runeman

Retired science teacher (en-US)

Goal here: assist in User Guide

Web Page:

Gathered Notes:[edit | edit source]

  • #NeedHelp is the hashtag for general Mastodon questions
  • If you click the clear notifications icon, your current notifications will be lost.
  • Click on the username or avatar to see the profile of a user. It can be useful to see others that either follow or are followed by that user...building a link to a dynamic Home column.
  • Click on the timestamp to be able to copy the address of a single toot if you want to paste it back later into the browser address bar.
  • Click on the body of any toot to see it in context with the rest of its thread.
  • Scrolling down to pause the speeding timelines is my favorite trick.
  • Using Google Translate on another browser tab helps me translate toots in other languages.
  • A reply to a content warning to a person is sent behind the content warning.

See FAQ at github for some content

Maybe a good name for an auto-translator for the FLOSS tool to handle all these Mastodon languages would be "truchman" or "dragoman" which both mean "interpreter".

Maybe "truchmx" or "dragomx" would even be better, considering the gender neutrality of the endings.

r҉ustic cy͠be̸rpu̵nk✅

It may not be a good idea to visit Mastodon from a work computer

The NSFW option creates an overlay over an image, but the image itself is already loaded and clicking on "Sensitive content" only removes the overlay. If anyone is monitoring your web access (even with TLS, they could have monitoring software installed on your system), they'll know what images were loaded



Mastodon protip : if you have Mastodon accounts you don't use, make them private.

This will help people to not be confused when auto-completing on your name.